Student’s wellbeing is tracked over time - through quick and easy self-assessment designed to provide clear insight into student wellbeing trends.

Hundreds of resources - which make lessons fun and engaging including: brain breaks, games and mindfulness exercises.

Detailed reporting for executives - you can see exactly which lessons have been covered, their progress against curriculum outcomes and the whole school’s progress down to the individual student.

Flexible and designed for any classroom - GO can be run on 1:1 devices, within small groups or as a whole class. 

All content is evidence-based and aligned to several education frameworks. This includes the Australian Curriculum, CASEL and Skills for 21st Century Learning (WEF).

What makes Life Skills GO so good?


Outcomes in your school community


Positive futures

Improved academic outcomes

Reduced anxiety & improved

whole school wellbeing​

Increased resilience & self-regulation

Getting started: How it works


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