Empowering Students

Life Skills GO is an engaging and fun online learning space for children to guide and measure the social, emotional and physical learning of students.

Delivered over the internet, and viewed with technology that is available today in many classrooms – including large screen monitors, PC’s, laptops and tablets.



Lesson Instruction

Character animations drive instruction in social, emotional and physical learning.

Taking a
“Weather Check”

Lesson activities can gauge student feelings, provide exercises that reinforce  positive feelings and help transform anxiety and negative feelings.



Games and Exercises

Online games and other exercises reinforce leanings and make interaction fun for students.

The results of gaming activity are provided for review by teachers in the systems analytics feature.

Test Knowledge

Online quizzes assess children’s knowledge and application of learning content.

Results of quiz activities are provided for review by teachers in the systems analytics feature.



Encouragement and Awards

Encouragement and Rewards are provided throughout lesson activities.

Rewards systems relates to content learnt.

Provides awareness of social needs and global issues such as good health and wellbeing, quality education, life on land, life below water, gender and race inequality.


Trusted By Schools

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have asked for more online content including
teacher led activities, online resources and teaching guides.

Life Skills GO is exactly this!